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200 x Philips LED 5.5-50W Ampoule a Tache Lumineuse Chaude

200 x Philips LED 5.5-50W Ampoule a Tache Lumineuse Chaude

200 x Philips LED 5.5-50W Ampoule a Tache Lumineuse Chaude
200 x Philips LED 5.5-50W Ampoule a Tache Lumineuse Chaude. Philips 220-240V Dimmable LED spot light is perfect for replacing your halogen spots.

It looks the same and shines the colour and intensity as halogen bulbs. With a familiar focused light output which is a 36 degree halogen light beam, equal in look and feel to halogen spots, this LED spot is suitable for both accent lighting and general-purpose lighting. Light can have different colour temperatures, indicated in units called Kelvin (K). Bulbs with a low Kelvin value produce a warm, cosier light, while those with a higher Kelvin value produce a cool, more energising light. The colour rendering index (CRI) is used to describe the effect of a light source on colour appearance.

Natural outdoor light has a CRI of 100 and is used as the standard of comparison for any other light source. The CRI of Philips LED light bulbs is always higher than 80, close to the sun's value, reflecting colours truly and naturally. No need to wait: Philips LED light bulbs provide their full level of brightness immediately upon switching on. Save up to 80% energy compared to your standard bulb. So reduce your energy bill and start saving now.

Providing the same incandescent look and feel, while offering a much longer lifetime. Designed to provide quality dimming to create the right ambiance for any activity.

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  • Marque: Philips
  • Type: LED bulb / Energy Saving
  • Numéro de pièce fabricant: 929001221031x100

200 x Philips LED 5.5-50W Ampoule a Tache Lumineuse Chaude